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Goat distribution in Thaiba VillageGoat distribution in Thaiba Village


Special GOAT Project


 In 2011, approximately 30 goats were purchased in Patan. The project is monitored by the BPW, who is coordinating the project.   

 Location:  Patan area


 Date: 2011 ongoing

 Partners: BPW women’s group FONNJ and Rotary District 7510


1. To provide goats to poor families in Nepal as a poverty alleviation strategy.

2. To manage a goat project in PATAN aimed at providing sustained income to assist in meeting the ongoing maintenance of various projects sponsored by FONNJ and Rotary District 7510 - Central New Jersey.

 Outcomes: Approximately 30 goats are purchased with SCCDC-FONNJ-Rotary funding each year to be allocated by the BPW group to poor families with the infrastructure and knowledge to look after goats in the rural community. After new baby goat is born, it is given to new family.  We hope to have whole villagers with at least two goats after 5 year.


If you like to adopt a goat in your family's name: Please contact FONNJ at or                                908-369-4318             

Cost per goat is $50 each.


Surya Tiwari

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at 732-570-6087

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Toll Free : 1-888-597-8798

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Nepal Day

Yo manta mero Nepali ho.

Nepal Day Celebrtion at the Readington Middle School in Hunterdon County, NJ

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