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Goodwill Ambassador

Rotaract Library Project supported by FONNJ

 Facilitate donations and communication between supporters of FONNJ in the United States and our program in Kathmandu, Nepal. Manage social media, update website, organize fundraisers, visit projects in Nepal and provide progress report, search for potential partners, establish relationship with Nepali community in Tri State area, and assist with program planning and management of volunteers. Lead team of college students and High School students in formulation of projects and activities of various student organizations as well as work with Orphan Project, Micro Credit Project and other School projects, to support FONNJ.

KISHORE Tripathi, Goodwill Ambassador 2015-17.


Mahen Shrestha, Goodwill ambassador 2012-14

Mr. Mahen Shrestha graduated from Tribhvan University in 1983 with a degree in Humanities and Social Science. Today he is well known for his community volunteer service and social work in Nepal. He has encouraged and mentored many young group to be active and responsible community citizens. With his hlep many youth groups have developed community projects all over Nepal. He has been supporting many sustainable community improvement projects in cooperation with local youth group in Nepal. Every project he has worked on has community participation for labor and funding. He is still a friend to many of the youth and community leaders that he has helped through the years.  He has participated and supported many FONNJ's sponosred events in Nepal for many years. 

Sonu Bhusal 2012-13 Youth Goodwill ambassador

Ms. Sonu Bhusal is a third year business management student studying at the Padma Kanya Campus. Her hobbies include reading, playing basketball and dancing.  She loves photography and working with social service projects.  In the past she has volunteered her time for blood donation programs as well as social welfare programs for elders in the community.  Currently she works for the Prime Learning Centre in Kupondole, Patan.   She has been helping the Friends of Nepal-NJ with various Nepal related projects including water filter distribution, Bal Kumari School student profiles and many other projects.  By volunteering her time with FONNJ she hopes increase her photographic skills and at the same time be able to serve humanity.


Goodwill Ambassador Levi's visit to Nepal 2011-12

Levi Gershkowitz and Silvi Joshi Interview

Sagarmatha Radio Interview with FONNJ Goodwill Ambassadors Silvi Joshi and Levi Gershkowitz in Kathmandu January 2012.  Please click below to listen to the interview.

Silvi Joshi - Goodwill Ambassador 2011-2012

Ms. Silvi Joshi (left) with her friend

New Goodwill Ambassdor: 

Ms. Silvi Joshi has been very active social service volunteer for many years.  She started her community service in 2005 by joining the Yala Rotary club’s Rotaract club.  She has helped with many social service projects in Patan area, including annual Matya celebration. She was also a co-editor and editor of the Rotaract Yala bulletin.  She also coordinated FONNJ’s dictionary project distributed dictionaries to various schools in Nepal. 


Since she joined the program, she has already coordinated several projects in Nepal, including visitng and interviewing micro credit recipients, distribution of Scholarships at the Nanada Ratri School and Bal Kumari School, Goat distribution program and  interview with new  scholarship recepients at the Sankhu's Bhagyodaya school. 


Student interview video recorded by Dhurba Man Pradhan

Uttam Nepal Goodwill Ambassador 2011-12

Uttam Nepal, an Artist/Painter and Cartoonist/Illustrator has been appointed to be Friends of Nepal - NJ's 'GOODWILL AMBASSADOR for 2011-2012. He has been painting since his childhood. His painting work focuses on ''Human Philosophy, Human Sensitivity, Human Sentiments, Environment and Nature''. 

He started to work as a cartooning since 2000 A.D. from various weekly and magazine papers. He has worked with the Himalaya Times and Rajdhani Vernacular Daily and working as an Illustrator in many organizations in Nepal and abroad.


As a GOODWILL AMBASSADOR he will help young generation to get involved in the world of Art and visit various schools to share his knowledge


News article of Nomination


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