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2016 Humantirain Service Trip to Nepal



Article by Uditi Karna.

On Saturday May 24, 2014 at the Unitarian Universalist Church there was a gathering of great minds and united forces to help the children of Nepal. Charles J. Brine and President of Friend of Nepal-New Jersey (FON-NJ), Tulsi Maharjan, organized this event to "make a real difference in the lives of these children who face enormous challenges in every aspect of their lives: health, nutrition, education, safety, and quality of life." They hope to educate, raise awareness, and collect funds for Nepali children.


FONNJ President talks about changing Diversity in NJ


FONNJ President visit local school to promote Nepal and help orphans in Nepal

News From Nepal

2010 Humanitarian Award Ceremony in Nepal



KATHMANDU: Friends of Nepal-New Jersey (FON-NJ) and RI District 7510, USA are going to provide Nepal Humanitarian Award to nine renowned personalities who have contributed to Nepal from different fields.
Speaking at a press conference in the Capital today, Dr Tulsi Ram Maharjan from Branchburg Rotary Club, New Jersey, USA said, “We are going to hand over the award to nine social activists who have made significant contribution of leadership or service to humanity which has improved or enriched the lives of others.”
The nine awardees are Durga Lal Shrestha from literature, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansa Acharya from culture and education, Prithivi Bahadur Pande from art and heritage, Prachanda Man Shrestha from cultural tourism, Anjani Kumar Sharma from health care, Dil Shova Shrestha from elderly care, Nirmala Acharya from community service and Father Martin Coyne for giving 50 years for youth education service.
FON-NJ is a non-profit organisation in the state of New Jersey, USA which has been involved in the promotion of social cultural heritage of Nepal for long. The organisation also explores educational opportunities for the children of Nepal.
Dr Maharjan said that they have been supporting many projects actively working in Nepal through Rotary Clubs across the country for the last 20 years. 

He further said that income from the event would be used for future matching grants for special projects in Nepal

Holiday Goat Distribution in Nepal



Interested in sending your kids to leran  Nepali, Language, culture and dance?

School meets once a week every Sunday in Old Bridge


Levi's Interview with Judge Sharda Shrestha.
Thank you for joining us at our annual picnic... Here are some pictures from our event.


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Nepal Day

Yo manta mero Nepali ho.

Nepal Day Celebrtion at the Readington Middle School in Hunterdon County, NJ

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