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Pashupati Higher Secondary School Library Construction Project, Parbat, Nepal

As part of its continuing effort to help people in Nepal affected by the Great Earthquake of 2015, in this new initiative Friends of Nepal – New Jersey (FONNJ) requests donations to support the construction of a new library as part of the reconstruction of Pashupati Higher Secondary School of Parbat, Nepal, one of thousands of schools destroyed by the earthquake. Through your donation no matter how big or small – you would be making a difference in the community served by the school. 

Pashupati Higher Secondary School (PPHSS) of Parbat, Nepal was completely destroyed following the Great Earthquake of 2015 and its aftershocks.  Essentials like computers, library, furniture, and bathrooms and other resources were also demolished.  Currently about 500 students studying from grades 1–12 are enrolled and about 2,500 students have graduated since 1968.  Many of PPHSS graduates are in important positions both within and outside the country

Currently, classes are conducted in temporary structures made of zinc sheets, with the financial support from the local people, alumni, and current and former teachers.  Similarly, the school has no library and science lab.

We are asking for your donations to help reconstruct a new earthquake-resistant Pashupati Higher Secondary School facility. Specifically, the donations collected from this this initiative will go toward the construction of a new library for the school.  One-hundred percent of your donations will go toward the construction of the new school library and directly benefit the students and community.  In gratitude, donors will be honored by having their names inscribed on new school premises.

The local people hold PPHSS very dear to their heart as it provides valuable educational opportunities for their children.  However, a majority of households rely on subsistence agriculture and are unable to contribute financially to the project despite their veneration for the school.  

The new school facility will consist of 12 classrooms, a principal’s office, a library room, a teachers’ room, an assembly hall, a computer operation and learning room, one science laboratory, and boys’ and girls’ toilets.  The construction of new facility has already begun.  The total cost for the entire project is estimated to be more than $150,000 USD, including $15,000 for library construction.


Last year, we raised about $7,000 for library construction through generous donations from you and many others. Through this initiative this year we hope to raise the remaining $8,000 needed to complete the library construction project.  The Rotary International has already expressed commitments to provide the school with books, furniture, and computers in the new library.





PPHSS was established in 1968 and has grown to graduate about 2,500 students.  The school is run by 17 teachers and 2 support staff members and provides educational opportunities to students residing in the surrounding rural villages.  PPHSS serves a community of more than 10,000 people and 1,200 households.  The school had been arduously built over nearly 50 years, however, the Great Earthquake of 2015 and its aftershocks demolished the entire school.



Students no longer have adequate classrooms, a library, or lab facilities.  All of these things are likely to result in significant deterioration of the learning and teaching environment of the school and have adversely affected the minds of young children. Everyone, including teachers, students and parents are very concerned that this is likely to have an adverse impact on academic performance of the students.


It is worthy to note the Nepalese Government received funds from many countries and international aid organizations for relief and rebuilding purposes in the aftermath of the earthquake. However, those funds have mostly gone to priority districts that were found to be most severely affected by the earthquake. PPHSS was totally damaged by the earthquake, but only received limited government funds because Parbat did not 'qualify' as one of the severely affected districts.  Government funds the school received will not cover the total estimated cost.  What’s more, the school will have to match 20 percent of government funds through its resources.  Amid these challenges, the School Management Committee of PPHSS, along with its former students, has engaged different fundraising efforts to gather necessary funds for the reconstruction of the School.  This represents part of that broader effort.


Should you have any question or need further information on this cause or the school, please feel free to contact Khem Sharma, a graduate of PPHSS, at

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