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FONNJ in collaboration with the Asha Project and Rotary has so far donated more than $1000,000 for various projects and activities in Nepal.

2011 Scholarship distribution program

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." -- Helen Keller


Dr. Tulsi R. Maharjan

Friends of Nepal-NJ (FON-NJ) is a non-profit organization, created to promote and preserve the social and cultural heritage of Nepal and develop networking opportunities for people living in the tri-state area. Through networking and membership support, this organization has been providing educational opportunities and HOPE for for individuals in Nepal. FON-NJ's activities are dedicated to opening avenues of communication between people who are concerned about Nepal, her past, present and future.

Concerned people have been talking about what can be done here in the United States to help each other as well as what can be done to help the children of Nepal who might not have opportunities or resources to move ahead. FON-NJ has been providing resources to help each other here and also in Nepal.

Unsettling images of our homeland can be seen on the Internet and the evening news. These images disturbs and sadden us. We feel helpless not being able to do much to change the situation. What should be our response to such conditions? What can be done to ensure a brighter future for many disadvantaged people in Nepal? What can we do?

I am always inspired to help after I visit Nepal. In the midst of the poverty and disparity, I see committed people making a difference. If we all work together, we can make a difference by fostering hope and opportunity for new life. Since my last visit to Nepal, we have collaborated with many organizations to start special projects in Nepal. It is possible for one person, or a group of people, here to have an impact in Nepal. We do not have to make a big change at once; we can make a lot of little changes over a longer period of time. Every little change will cause another change.

I personally feel that by helping a young person fulfill his or her dream of obtaining education or skills, we will be like showing the seed of kindness and hope for another generation. Without education, I would not have been in this country. We are fortunate to be in this country and be able to achieve our dreams. Now, we can make those young people’s dreams come true through our help.

The formation of FON-NJ has provided a new beginning for Nepalese people in New Jersey and the surrounding area to do something positive for Nepal. FON-NJ is dedicated to:

  • collaborating with other Nepalese organizations who share our mission of improving educational opportunities for Nepalese children.
  • Teaching our children here the unique culture of Nepal so that this culture can live on into the twenty-first century.
  • To develop leadership opportunities for our children here and in Nepal through teaching of leadership skills and providing opportunities for them to use these skills.

By helping people in Nepal we will also giving our children here the gift of social awareness that is necessary to live a full and meaningful life. Our children must understand that they are important to us and to the future of the world. Only by reaching out to others will they fulfill their lives.

We all know that a lasting victory over poverty will not come easily and may not be within our sole control. It will take hard work, dedication and planning by everyone, here and around the world, to make a difference. FON-NJ's programs and activities are helping to educate, support and inspire many poor people in Nepal.  Ou projects have helped and effected lives of the people in Nepal and given them education and hope. FON-NJ has dedicated 100%  of its membership dues and Legacy Circle dues to scholarships and other projects in Nepal. Someday, hopefully, we get to read how our projects have made a difference in the lives of children, families and communities.

I want to thank all those individuals who have already joined FON-NJ's legacy circle for being valuable partners in this crusade. Together, we will be able to make a lasting difference in the lives of children in Nepal and at the same time gain a piece of mind knowing that we are helping to make a difference in somebody’s life.
Jaya Nepal.



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