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As part of a unique old tradition, ethnic Newar community in New Jersey celebrated Mha Puja or the self worshipping on Saturday, November 10th.with the latest trends and best practices. We are passionate in bringing you fresh looks and styles.

 -- As part of a unique old tradition, ethnic Newar community in New Jersey celebrated Mha Puja or the self worshipping on Saturday, November 10th.
Mha puja, (Body worship) the worship of the inner self, is a unique tradition of the Newari community of Nepal. Newa people believe that one needs to understand and respect oneself before he/she can understand others. Mha puja (is purification, strengthening, empowering the soul and understanding of oneself).  Mha puja exposes the relationship of a person with the surrounding nature and the cosmos. Mha Puja, which is marked annually during the Kathmandu's second biggest festival Tihar. The day is celebrated as a part of celebrations of their New Year called Nepal Sambat as per the lunar calendar.
During the festival, family members gather and sit on the floor and worship their bodies with a belief that it will purify the body, mind and soul for enlightenment.  They use the elements like flowers, fruits, oil lamps, nuts and sweets to worship after creating a colorful Mandala, circle of life.

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Promoting our culture 

VActivities and Programs


Take part in a special Dashai-Tihar celebration and help to preserve our culture.


Annual Mha Puja celebration 


Help to promote our cultural heritage and support our programs. 

Nepalese-Bhutanese-American Coalition

Friends of Nepal - New Jersey celebrated our own palette of diversity at the International Institute of New Jersey, calling together the first meeting of the Nepali-Bhutanese-American (NBA) Coalition. FONNJ has been helping Bhutanese Nepalese community in Trenton for a while and we hope to help them to be independent and strong community, while preserving Nepali culture and tradition. If anyone like to help to adopt these families contact Visit fo more information about NBA Coalition.

Bhutanese Project in Trenton

Bhutanese Nepali Refugees - Celebrating new birth of a baby with 4 generation of family.

Friends of Nepal - New Jersey has been helping our new Bhutanese-Nepali community with resources and programs to promote and preserve Nepali cultural heritage.  

Recently celebrated a new born baby with their 4 generation of families.  FONNJ in collaboration and support from the International Institure of New Jersey united a family grandmother who was send to Arizona to bring her to New Jersey. She was orginally send to Arizona by resettlement agency in Nepal.  (Read moving story from Goodwill Ambassdor Levi - how we managed to get her here).  


We have also helped many other families who have relocatted here in New Jersey with furnitures, clothing and family support to make them feel at home.  We have been able to mobilize resources from Nepali families and other organizations as well.


Various local and state organizations have helped as well.

  1. Rotary Club of Trenton 
  2. Rotary Club of Branchburg
  3. Rotary club of Princeton
  4. Rotary Club of Hamilton
  5. Rotary Club of Edison
  6. Hindu Vidya Parisad of America
  7. NJ Buddhist Vihara
  8. Sewa International
  9. Barthlamow Lutheran Church in Trenton
  10. Students from NJTA
  11. Shri Krishna Nidhi Foundation

Celebration of New Born baby

Books and Supplies for Youth Development

Health Camp 2011

FONNJ Summer Picnic 2010



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Nepal Day

Yo mantamero Nepali ho.


Nepal Day Celebrtion at the Readington Middle School in Hunterdon County, NJ

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